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Infiniti Research Identifies Renewable Energy Opportunities in Emerging Nations

LONDON, Jun 07, 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Countries around the
world are working to increase their reliance on renewable
energy. Late last year, a report from BNEF revealed that for
the first time, developing nations were deploying more
renewable energy solutions than developed nations. Infiniti
Research recently echoed these findings in their article titled
‘What’s Changing the Face of the Global Energy Sector?’,
stating that “Contrary to popular perception, it is not the
major players but the minor ones who are going to give an edge
to the energy sector.”

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With their recent analysis, Infiniti Research has observed that
regions such as the Middle East and Africa (MENA) are
increasing their commitments to renewables and researching ways
to make processes more viable and efficient.

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Market developments

The UAE announced in January that it plans to invest $163
billion in renewable energy
. The aim of this investment is to meet
close to half of the country’s power needs using renewable
sources by 2050. The UAE has been working to reduce its
reliance on fossil fuels, and as prices of solar and wind power
continue to decrease, this goal is becoming more attainable.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum says the
hope is to fulfill 44% of the country’s energy needs from
renewables by 2050, with 38% coming from gas, 12% from cleaner
fossil fuel, and 6% from nuclear. There are some challenges
with relying on solar and wind power, as there are periods of
time without sun or wind to generate power, but many large
organizations and entrepreneurs are developing energy storage
and generation solutions to overcome this. The country’s plan
is to increase usage efficiency by 40% clean-energy
contributions to 50%.

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How can Infiniti Research Help?

Countless opportunities are opening in the clean energy market around
the world
. However, it can be challenging to track
and evaluate all the available markets and identify which ones
are the most advantageous to enter. Market intelligence can
analyze multiple markets, including relevant regulations,
incentives, competitors, and potential partners, allowing you
to make well-informed decisions when entering a new market.

Infiniti Research recently performed a market assessment for a
leading solar panel manufacturer
that wanted to
understand the potential market opportunities for its solar
cell products in Latin America. Infiniti’s research experts
analyzed the market in order to quantify the demand for the
client’s products and provide qualitative insights specific to
market structure and trends.

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About Infiniti Research

Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a leading market
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With 14 years of experience and offices across three
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providing a complete range of competitive intelligence,
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the globe.

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